Deauville Film Festival, France - Hurley, McCann, Andy Garcia, Stephane Bern

Joe Hurley - Joe's Pub, December 4th 2008

Joe Hurley with French radio legend Stephane Bern "Le Fou Du Roi."
Joe, Colum, & Andy Garcia had just done Radio Inter France ith Stephane. For 3 million listeners Joe sang 'Spin' at 9am!
We'd thought we were doing a small radio station on the coast & joked that at least we had 'good faces for radio', unshaven & crumpled
as we were. We'd been singing in the Royale Hotel Lobby til 4am the night before, with Andy Garcia & assorted film-folks.
Turns out the 'small radio show' was actually Radio Inter, France's biggest radio station, we were in front of a huge live
studio audience, with 3 million listeners, paparazzi everywhere, and just how the hell did Garcia look so immaculate,
sharp, & handsome?. He'd been there with us in the lobby at 4am. As Warren Zevon said 'I'd like to meet his tailor.'

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