Joe Hurley & Dr John with Tami Lynn. Post-show August 2011
Joe Hurley & Dr John with Tami Lynn. Post-show August 2011

Posted 1.16.11 - Vincennes Festival - Paris
Posted 9.5.10 - Hurley/McCann Hamburg Festival - It was on the good ship...
Posted 9.5.10 - Closerie Des Lilas, Paris - Documentary Wrap - Hurley sings 'Spin'
& standards with Walter, genius pianist. with McCann, Francois Busnel, Ingunn Egset
Posted 9.5.10 - Deauville Film Festival, France - Hurley, McCann, Andy Garcia, Stephane Bern
Posted 9.5.10 - The London Launch - Bloomsbury House Boat on the Thames - McCann/Hurley
Posted 9.5.10 - Recording THTHB - Mucking About in Studio with Hurley, McCann, Don Fleming, & The Musicians.
Posted 9.3.10 - Irish Rock Revue - 2010
Posted 9.3.10 - Joe's Pub CD Release show
Posted 7.20.10 - Joe Hurley Berlin Literature Festival September '09
Posted 7.19.10 - Joe Hurley Joe Hurley with Marianne Faithfull, Lee Hazelwood, Berlin Wall
Posted 6.7.10 - Eddie Izzard, Joe Hurley & Steve Frost at after-party celebrating Steve's Webster Hall Improv Show - 6.2.10
Posted 6.3.10 - Joe's Birthday trip to London 2009
Posted 6.1.10 - Joe's Pub Holiday show 12.4.08
5.31.10 - The President of Ireland Mary McALeese and Consul-General of Ireland Niall Burgess, Joe Hurley
5.4.10 - with Galt Macdermot (composer of HAIR), Maude Maggart, Joe Hurley
5.3.10 - Joe Hurley joins rock legend Ian Hunter
From Bloomsday June 2008 with Sam Shepard.
1.30.10 - Joe Hurley & Colum McCann - NYC shots
1.17.10 - Joe Hurley & Colum McCann - European Tour

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Pics from The Gents, Rogue's March, Loser's Lounge, The Beat Goes On and The Irish Revue

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