Bleeding Claret and Blue (West Ham Cup Final Song 2006)

When we first fell in love, it was a cold Wednesday night
The floodlights wrapped their arms around me...
On rented beer crate, with silk scarf and best mate
It felt just like heaven, not Bromley
There's been some sweet years, and a fair share of tears
You can break my heart like an old lover
But it still beats in time with the old District line
Upton Park you're my soul and my brother

I know fortune's always hiding
But sometimes our dreams they come true
Here's to John and Ron and Mooro
All our Captains....Bleeding Claret and blue

Oh, The Claret and Blue

We're on our way to the Cup Final
A Hammer Strike, a Harewood smile
The Academy's the place to be for style

I said, we're on our way to the cup final
26 years, been quite awhile
So lets all sing a song.. for Johnny Lyall

We'll all do the Pardew Shuffle
As the gaffer leads us out the tunnel
When Zamora scores, we'll be singing Bubbles

From NYC to Copenhagen
The world's a cockney... Mr Fagin
There'll be a knees-up mother brown in every pub and station

When The ball hit Trevor on the head
And Wembley sang that Westham led
We didn't need a second invitation

And Bonzo climbed the Royal Steps
William Hill paid out the bets
The Irons' Roars were heard across the nation

We're on our way to the Cup Final
26 years, it's been a while
I've been dreaming of this day since I was a child

Then we'll all sing a marching tune
Yossi Yossi Benayoun
and Anton does the jig with Reo-Coker

We're on our way to the Cup Final
We'll turn it on East London style
Thank you Pardew... and here's to Johnny Lyall

You'll have to foul us 'cos you cant play us
We are the great entertainers
Yes, we are the famous Claret and Blue

And our fortunes always hiding
But sometimes our dreams they come true
Best, Hurst, Peters, and Dicks and the Boys of 86'
All the legends in the Claret and Blue

And our fortune's always hiding
But there's one thing my heart knows is true
Here's to John and Ron and Mooro
Watching over...all us Claret and Blue....

(ALL current West Ham players names are then named through the repeating choruses from Shaka Hislop through Kyle Reid.)

And the Boys of 64, 65, ...and 66!
And 1975, and 1980....

Words and Music: Joe Hurley Copyright 2006 ASCAP
Produced by James Mastro
Recorded at the Pigeon Club Studios, Hoboken on Sunday, May 7th 2006

Joe Hurley - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
James Mastro - Guitars, Back Vox
Steve Holley - Drums
Dave DeCastro - Bass
Kenny Margolis - Piano/Accordion
Back Vox - The NYC Hammers featuring the 'Original' Paul Stanley, Gentleman Jamie Noone, Duncan.